My Wedding Anniversary

For my forty-ninth wedding anniversary this year I watched The Nutcracker ballet on cable television.
My wife died a few years ago and ever since my son has joined me in some sort of celebration, but he’s a corrections officer at a local prison, and he had to work that night. The Nutcracker was from Prague, so I thought what the heck.
The ballet wasn’t one of my wife’s favorite but she did like the music. The toymaker with the patch over one eye creeped her out. She hated the little brother who breaks the nutcracker. And she didn’t like the mouse king and his minions who wreaked havoc until the mended nutcracker defeated them.
But the Prague production was different. Instead of a sinister-looking toy maker, Father Christmas handed out the presents. Clara, the little girl, got a giant plush mouse. Her brother—I still don’t know his name—got a giant pair of nutcrackers. Not a wooden soldier with a funny-looking mouth, but a nutcracker like you might have in your kitchen drawer to crack nuts. He was still mean and tried to hit Clara’s cute mouse with his nutcracker. The party finally ended, and the parents put Clara and her brother to bed. Instead of the mouse king showing up, the devil shows up to steal Clara’s mouse. The brother bonked the devil on the head. The devil ran off to catch a train to who knows where. Clara and her brother became best friends and spent the rest of the ballet having fun with giant snowflakes, Christmas ornaments and all sorts of other fun-loving creatures.
I kept thinking about how much my wife would have liked this version. Then I remembered I’m a storyteller and I can have anything I want happen in my story. So this is my story:
My wife and I sat on the sofa channel surfing trying to find something to watch on our anniversary night. We had take-out delivered from the neighborhood Greek restaurant and all we lacked was something to watch. I clicked on this one cable network and The Nutcracker was coming on. (This is my story so I get to control the clickit, which is what my wife called the remote control.) At first she didn’t want to watch it but finally decided it was better than an old John Wayne movie. I watched her reaction as the story unfolded, and she lit up like a Christmas tree when Clara hugged her brother. A couple who were supposed to be their parents danced romantic pas de deux
It was the best wedding anniversary we’d had in a long time. Then I remembered it was just a story I made up. But it was the best story I’ve made up about our wedding anniversary since I had to make up stories about our anniversary. I think she would have liked it too.

2 thoughts on “My Wedding Anniversary

  1. Linda Rae Hamilton

    Oh Jerry . I love your story. Of
    — your Anniv with your wife
    It was all so romantic.
    My 27th Anniv was July 31s
    Take care and hope to see you tell stories soon in person
    Linda Rae

  2. Aprile

    I think it’s an excellent fictitious Wedding Anniversary story. I think you could do the same for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Lol. Keep up the good work!


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