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Petunias and Violets

(The petunia mentioned in this story was unavailable to pose for the picture so this other flower filled in.)
Petunias and violets in a flower bed,
Violets turn to petunias and said,
“Petunias, petunias, you’re crowding me here.”
“Violet, oh violet, so sorry my dear.
“My petals are big and need room to grow.”
“Petunia, oh Petunia, share the sun and let it show.”
“Violet, oh violet, this bed is not big enough.
“Either you must go or I will go nuts!”
Then someone walked up and went ooh and ah.
“The prettiest pot of flowers I’ve seen so far.
“Petunias and violets, pretty purple and pink.
“What a clever combination, whoever would think
“To plant them together in the very same way.
“Why seeing them side by side has made my day!”
Petunia looked at violet and turned an embarrassed red.
“It was mean of me to say you must leave this bed.
We must stay together; we must find a way!”
Violet thought just a moment to say,
“Let your petals lounge over the rim, giving them room
“To cascade down and show off your spectacular bloom.”
Petunia nodded happily and agreed, “And then
“That will leave the middle for you to grow, my friend!”
Petunias and violets thrive in their flower bed.
All it took was love and using their heads.

Bug Poem

A bug flew up my nose.
What kind of bug, nobody knows,
But a bug flew up my nose.
It must have thought my nose was a rose.
Why else would a bug fly up my nose?
That bug must have screamed a lot
When it discovered it was snot
A rose but a nose where it had got.
I was nervous, I was in a pickle
‘Cause that darned bug began to tickle
As it continued through my sinus holes
To find a way out of my nose,
Defying the laws of gravity
As it navigated through each cavity.
The bug found the exit, there he goes!
Vowing never again to mistake for a rose
The inside of an old man’s nose.