Hunt the Moon

(Author’s note: this is a belated Father’s Day homage to my son-in-law who has taken my granddaughter out to hunt the moon before bedtime.)

Will you hunt the moon with me?
I’ll lift you high so you can see.
Sometimes it will be full; sometimes you won’t see it at all.
Learn to have patience, for it will return.
Some nights the moon will look like a half-eaten popcorn ball.
Other nights it’s so bright, you think if you touch it you’ll get burned.
Let’s look for Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper too.
Planets will appear and the moon will turn blue.
Even when clouds cover them up, the moon and stars are still there.
No matter what you are able to see, the moon is glowing somewhere.
It’s just like one faraway day I’ll be out of sight.
But I’ll be in your heart, which means all will be right.

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