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What in the Dickens Happened to Scrooge?
By Jerry Cowling 6 m, 4 w (optional chorus for one carol)
This Christmas the folks affected by Ebenezer Scrooge's miserly ways hatch a plan to get him intoxicated and act out his life before his miserly little eyes, and force him to become "the most generous soul in London." That night as Scrooge imbibes "exceptionally fine" tea, the Cratchits and friends present several funny and poignant scenes of Christmases past, present, and future. Laughs abound as they try to convert the curmudgeon. Everyone's having a grand escapade but crafty old Scrooge isn't as drunk as he pretends. Amid the fun, each character learns a little more about himself and each is changed for the better, as is Scrooge. The next morning, they all celebrate and Tiny Tim toasts, "God helps those who help themselves. I mean God bless us, everyone." Warm hearted and lively, this full-length play is sure to bring the Christmas spirit to your audience.

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